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Creative collaboration in the Cape Winelands.

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We envision a shared office space to work from and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs in the Cape Winelands. Let's work where we live in Paarl and Wellington.


We want to work in an inspiring location, surrounded by art and close to nature. We want it all, access to a park, to amenities like coffee shops to meet clients, close to public transport routes and access to parking. This sounds like a better alternative to working from home in isolation, or commuting to the city - that insanity is done and smogged up!


We want to welcome creative individuals going incognito at home or in an uninspiring office environment. We call on all aspiring freelancers, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and world travelers local or visiting to come and share an office with a purpose.


Shift into work mode of the future, where an economy of sharing fosters responsible resource use and collaborative idea exchange. We want to support the local business economy by creating our collaborative working environment.

If interested, let’s discuss our work/skills trade initiative. As entrepreneurs, we understand that cash flow is merely one way of energy exchange. Skills, time and resources are also valuable to get work going.


We aim to offer various membership packages to make working from an office an attractive alternative. Sharing the office overheads, business insurance and amenities makes business sense for affordable workspace.


Imagine entering the office with a welcoming reception, where you can book your desk, top up on wired or wireless broadband internet, have access to a VOIP telephone system, a black & white lazer printer and other office supplies... and that is just the reception!


We want to offer a flexible working environment. This community needs multi-purpose spaces for purposeful work. We envision a spacious communal kitchen for culinary creations and inspiring discussions. We need the fundamentals: dedicated work spaces to focus on our dreams, plans and daily tasks - away from home distractions.


A calm think tank environment where a meditation room and Yoga studio allows some refuge. This space can also host informative and networking events for the community.


Thank goodness for our tech-savvy visionary. Where we know security and access is important. We all need secure bicycle and car parking and tag or fingerprint access will make extended office hours possible, because we know creative work happens beyond a 9-5.


We conclude our vision with the underpinning principle of how we strive to live, work and enliven our environment. We want to work with a low energy footprint. This footprint is left with each choice we make: from the distance we travel between home and office, to the buildings we inhabit, the way we collaborate with others, to the way we do business. We want to use space wisely in a multi-purpose way. We want to be energy and resource responsible with water-wise kitchen and toilet amenities and off the grid solar power.

We instill a culture of minimal waste by being conscious consumers and setting up recycle systems. We care for our communal mental and physical health by bringing nature into the office through nurturing a veggie garden and indoor plants.

Pet friendly.

Oh, did we mention we love work. We love creative work. We love creative people, but we love animals above all. This space will be pet friendly for friendly pets. So well-behaved and socialised furry friends can come to work.


Rent a desk.

Below are three suggested desk options. These packages will include access to shared kitchen, yoga & meditation studio and community event facility. If you have any other suggestions or requirements, please let fill in the form below.

  • Daily desk
  • *1GB Top up internet
  • Prepaid printing & scanning
  • Office desk & chair
  • Secure locker
  • ZAR 200
    per day

  • Weekly desk
  • *5GB Top up internet
  • Prepaid printing & scanning
  • Office desk & chair
  • Secure locker
  • Fingerprint access
  • Discounted yoga classes
  • ZAR 600
    per week

  • Monthly desk
  • *20GB Top up internet
  • Prepaid printing & scanning
  • Office desk & chair
  • Secure locker
  • Fingerprint access
  • Discounted yoga classes
  • Free weekly yoga class
  • ZAR 2000
    per month


Please fill in the form if you are interested in sharing an office space in the Cape Winelands and stand a chance to win a custom website for your business worth R5000, one of five desk spaces for a month valued at R2000 or one of ten free yoga packages worth R500. T&C's apply.


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